Roseacre Values

 At the heart of our school’s ethos are our Roseacre values. We strongly believe these values prepare you for future studies, the world of work and everyday life.  We encourage everyone to demonstrate and uphold them throughout the day.

R is for Respect - respect for ourselves, for each other and for the environment.
O is for Open-mindedness - being willing to try new experiences and accepting of other viewpoints and opinions.
S is for Safety - teaching pupils how to keep themselves safe, both inside and outside of school. 
E is for Empathy - considering the feelings of others, demonstrating kindness at all times.
A is for Achievement - for all pupils, at all levels, in all subjects.
C is for Collaboration - the ability to work with other people, understanding the importance of teamwork.
R is for Resilience - the importance of keeping going, overcoming challenges and understanding we can learn from our mistakes.
E is for Enjoyment - our time in primary school is short, but should be filled with enjoyable experiences. 
At Roseacre, our aim is to provide pupils with an exceptional education, whilst also ‘Creating Positive Memories’ along the way.