Roseacre Junior School

Roseacre Junior School

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The children had lots of fun yesterday.  Their activities included rope activities  and the evening entertainment was a scrap heap challenge with some very creative designs.  The children are eating well and fortunately did not get too wet yesterday, just a light shower or two.

They have another action-packed day ahead on Thursday.


The children enjoyed their activities yesterday and had a camp fire after dinner last night.  There was scarcely any thunder in their area so they were unaffected by last night's weather.

Today's activities include aeroball, zipwire and an obstacle challenge.


The children arrived safely, had lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of activities.  They were assigned their rooms and learnt how to make beds and how a duvet cover goes on!

They have settled well and slept well.  They have their first full day of activities including orienteering, night line and the giant swing.