Family Liaison Officer

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

My name is Gemma Powell and I am the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) at Roseacre Junior School.

If you, your family and/or children have any worries or concerns I am available to offer help, advice and support.  This may be related to school or other aspects of family life. There is help for families within the Maidstone area and I am here to help you be aware and access that provision.

I know that sometimes, all that is needed is a willing ear and I am here to just listen if you need to chat about something informally too. Within school there will be times when I will be available for the children to talk to.

If you want to contact me you can leave messages with the school office or catch me on the school gate where you will find me each morning at drop off.  I’m in school Monday to Friday, until lunchtime. 

Throughout the year I am hoping to create opportunities for parents to come in and get more involved in our school and introduce coffee mornings/afternoon tea.  If you have any suggestions yourself please email me.


Gemma Powell